Private Investigations

ACMS has a core management team comprising former police officers, security managers, qualified loss adjusters / surveyors and investigators, focusing and providing an array of services to the relevant industries.

We have developed a strong network and support to provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from Security & Investigations Services to Loss Adjusting and Motor Survey services. We achieve success through preserving the cornerstone of our business model in ensuring Integrity, Honesty and Excellent customer services.

Matrimonial Or Divorce Proceedings

Our team of highly trained former police officers provide highly effective surveillance and counter surveillance catered to the individual client’s needs.

Child Custody

We are well experienced in handling child custody cases that require hard evidence and our operatives’ testimonials to be submitted in court.


We provide evidence and information gathering for lawyers, insurance companies and private companies in litigation cases.

Personal Lifestyle Checks

We screen, track & conduct background checks through surveillance and on individuals whether for use in employment checks or private individual screenings.

Fraudulent Insurance Claims

We are on the panel of several insurance companies and work closely with professionals like lawyers and claims managers to provide effective investigations and surveillance services to combat fraudulent insurance claims.

Trademark / Intellectual Property Rights

We are engaged by different government agencies and corporate entities to provide investigations into possible breaches under IPR and Trademark.

Conflict Of Interest

Business partners and corporate clients engage our services to provide extensive investigations into possible breach of companies’ interest as well as by key employees.

Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment screenings and comprehensive background and lifestyle checks on individuals are necessary for hire into top-management and sensitive positions in SMEs and MNCs.